Sidesaddle Kitchen Cutie Chef Shows Us Around S.F.

Sure, San Francisco has birthed lots of foodie stars, but the one we're most excited about these days is Laura Miller of Sidesaddle Kitchen. The self-proclaimed "raw, vegan, not gross" chef is currently taking the YouTube channel Tastemade by storm. (We're talking hundreds of thousands of views, people! And, her Instagram stream ain't too shabby, either.)
Of course, we can pat ourselves on the back for seeing this coming in early 2012, when we first asked the cutie to dish recipes exclusively for R29 readers. A year and a half later and we're only more smitten with the rising star, which made us all the more hyped to spend the day with her, hopping around her four favorite spots in S.F. And, let's just say they might surprise you... Check them all out right here, and get to know this charismatic stunner before she completely blows up.

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