Taylor Momsen Wants You To Know She Is Indeed Going To Hell

188_taylormomsen_sl6xPhoto: Courtesy of Maxim
Once upon a time, Taylor Momsen was a delightful child actress, playing Cindy Lou Who in How the Grinch Stole Christmas. That was in 2000. Then, she grew into the coy, precocious Jenny Humphrey for Gossip Girl. After that, she discovered raccoon-style eyeliner, and now has become the de facto poster girl for girls who go punk after capturing a teen audience (even though she isn't particularly interested in twerking). Her shocking antics aren't really shocking, but then again, Momsen has also been unapologetic about turning her back on her acting career.
Currently promoting her new, angst-ridden album Going To Hell, Momsen lets Maxim know that, if graffiti, nudity, middle fingers, and pouty lips are considered cardinal sins, she's happily headed to the land down under. Once again, we find ourselves kind of enthralled by her nonchalant attitude and hard-rock persona, which is charmingly last decade. Oh Momsen, you and your deviant ways... (Maxim)

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