Uniqlo Teaches Us How To Coordinate Our Hair With Our Clothes

uniqlo embedPhoto: Courtesy of Uniqlo.
We don't spend a lot of time writing about our clothes here in the beauty department (because, beauty) but that doesn't mean we don't spend time thinking about them. Our clothing crises, in fact, are relatively epic, since we're also usually trying to decide between our ten new favorite hairstyles, as well. It's not a hopeless situation, though, and Uniqlo's new hair DIY page might be the answer to our prayers.
With hair tutorials that correspond with the most adorable fall outfits, this is one rabbit hole we don't mind falling down. And, the tips are actually great: Think a faux-bob created using a turtle neck sweater, and so much more.
We're always up for a new hairstyle, but now we're feeling extra-inspired to buy new fall clothes, as well. Hello, plaid shirt. You'll look so marvelous with our side-ponytails.

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