PandoDaily’s Sarah Lacy Goes On Anti-Feminist Rant

There’s no circumventing the chatter that surrounds the women-working-in-the-tech-field convo, and in an age where female CEOs and engineers are making major waves, people are definitely raising an eyebrow or two at the lack of females on Twitter’s board. And, you'd think there would be no qualms about that argument, but guess again.
Well, according to Gawker, PandoDaily founder Sarah Lacy has some choice words for those people speaking up about the issue and has taken what some may perceive as a ride in a big fat time machine and penned an open letter to Twitter’s "mob" (or in her words the “people who literally wake up everyday looking for a women’s issue to be outraged about”) about their misguided gender conflict and banging the “sexism” drum. While we can't say we agree with her on all fronts, we do have to agree that her point of hiring a woman for the sake, of well, just hiring a woman isn't okay — so maybe she's onto something? Either way, the rhetoric she uses to make her point can be problematic at times, too. Take a looksee at the full piece and weigh in on it below. We have to warn you…your blood will boil, but take a sec to pull back all layers of the debate and hear her out.
openerPhoto: Via Gawker