Oprah Had A House Clearance And Now You Can Buy Her Sofa

oprah_auction_embedPhoto: Via O Magazine.
This is just too big: Oprah's cleared out her house—and you can own a piece of it. Yep, Oprah's 23,000-square-foot $85 million Montecito estate is getting a major makeover, and this means that a mansion's worth of furniture, art and—judging by this photo—a whole lot of lamps are up for grabs. We know.
In an interview with her own magazine earlier this year, Oprah said that her "taste is evolving", and "the gilded mirrors, marble urns, the lavish carpets and sherbet palette...was all very lavish but it wasn't true to myself".
She's not kidding. According to the Hollywood Reporter items set to hit the blocks include an "exquisite" antique Louis XVI chest that's expected to go for $30,000 to $50,000 and a green plaid English George Smith couch valued at $3,000 or $4,000.
If you have an appetite for the OTT, or if you simply wish to create a chat show vibe in your own home, we suggest you start making some room in your apartment pronto. A complete inventory list with photos of the items included in the sale will be posted at kaminskiauctions.com on October 18, and pieces will be sold via a massive auction in Santa Barbara on November 2.