3 Things To Know About The Shiny-New Yahoo Mail

mainPhoto: Via Mashable
We’ll be honest, it’s been a while since we’ve dusted off our ol’ Yahoo Mail account and given the (formerly) wonky features a whirl. Well, that's all about to change as of today. According to Mashable, in honor of its 16th anniversary, and with CEO Marissa Mayer at the helm, we might have more reasons to ohh and ahh and actually, you know, use Yahoo Mail, largely in part to a shiny-new, mobile-inspired revamp.
While the facelift is long overdue, we definitely think that this is another major pivot in the right direction for Yahoo’s resurrection. Here are the key design elements you’ll notice, stat.

Beautiful New Themes

The Yahoo Mail update comes packed with pretty visuals for your background. These rich, color-drenched images are culled from Flickr photographers and feature 24 different options to enrich your mail-browsing experience.

Cross-Platform Integration

Because many of Yahoo Mail users check email mostly on mobile, and the design of the app is so lauded, Yahoo wanted to have the desktop interface mimic many of those features. So, across both phone and desktop you will see several of the same markers. In essence: You are getting the same experience whether you’re on the go or checking it from your home.

Increased Storage

Yahoo plans to increase the storage offered to 1TB, which, FYI, is a boatload! It currently offers Flickr users this amount for free and plans to do the same with mail, which would provide about 6,000 years worth of space.