Gatsby Sans Special Effects? Still Mind-Blowing

Anyone who's seen The Great Gatsby knows the visuals are beyond. The colors are brighter, the textures are more luxurious, the grandeur is grander than anything in real life — even back in Gatsby's day. Of course, we assumed all that glitter was thanks to some hefty movie magic, but we didn't quite realize just how much tech wizardry went into it until now.
This video from Roadshow Films was released over the summer, but Reddit is kind of freaking out about it right now, and with good reason. The clip shows various scenes from the movie before and after CGI, and we have to say, it's kind of shocking. Of course, we assumed that much of the movie was courtesy of the good ol' green screen, but it turns out, even the more plausible situations, like the opulent mansions and manicured greens, were actually filmed in a studio or in more lackluster settings. And while some might say this makes the movie less exciting, we're inclined to believe the exact opposite.
First, though realism isn't exactly Baz Luhrmann's goal, it looks fantastical without being fake. Major props to the geniuses who made these effects happen. And this also just makes you respect the actors even more for merging so flawlessly with the imaginary period sets. So, don't worry about this video spoiling the movie for you. Just watch and nerd out.

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