Jenna Bush Is “Related” To Hillary Clinton — Wha?

Illuminati conspiracy theorists, please take out your tinfoil hats. Earlier this week, at a benefit for the Save the Children foundation in New York, Jenna Bush-Hager made some bold claims about her pedigree. "I'm not sure if you know this," she announced at one point as she emceed the event, "but Secretary Clinton and I are actually related." Record-scratch. Hillary Rodham Clinton? "Yes, she's married to my uncle Bill," Bush-Hager went on. "Uncle Bill has become so close with my grandparents and my father...that my dad calls him a brother from another mother." Oh, har-har.
When Clinton took the stage, she returned the love: "It is an unusual experience living in the White House and I am so proud of what you're doing," she said, referring to Bush-Hager's role as an NBC news correspondent. "So I join your Uncle Bill in telling you to keep at it."
This odd bit of bipartisan showmanship follows an August interview in People in which Barbara Bush (Jenna's sister, not grandmother) said Clinton was "unbelievably accomplished" and wished to see her run for the presidency in 2016.
Clinton herself has been pushing this idea of a Bush-Clinton political marriage, too. Last month, she called Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush, "the classic odd couple of American politics" at an award ceremony, where she was presented the National Constitution Center's Liberty Medal by Jeb Bush. She went on to say that the two take "annual playdates" together, and that former First Lady Barbara Bush sometimes refers to Clinton as her "adopted son."
And that's how they became the New World Order. (Daily Mail)
hilljennaPhoto: Via The Daily Mail.

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