Ain't No Thing: Kristen Bell Answers "Baby Body" Questions

kbellPhoto: REX USA/Rob Latour.
Watching Kristen Bell grow up (from Veronica Mars to, well, Veronica Mars again) has been great. It's like observing a flower that gets exponentially cooler every day, if the flower is also telling you jokes the whole time and also has a baby with another equally cool flower. Before we take this metaphor one step too far, let's just come out and say it: Kristen Bell is an excellent role model and someone who's managed to stay pretty grounded despite years of fame.
And she really lived up to her name in this interview with E! Online. When asked the unfortunate but unavoidable question about her "baby body," she came out with a polite but pointed answer. "I think the secret to body after baby is flushing down the toilet every notion of body after baby," she explained. "Honestly, the mental stress and pressure that's put on by everyone around you and the media and just women's brains and those secret negative voices in general." But Bell says she found a way to shut all of those pressures out, thankfully: "I made a commitment to not allow my narrative for the year after having a baby to be about my weight. I think that freed me up and it made me less concerned with all the pressures that revolve around body image. I was like, 'I have a baby, do you know how awesome that is? That's so radical, why on Earth am I gonna be so concerned with my pant size?'"
"I'm trying to just focus on the fact that I made another human, and that's awesome." Pretty much textbook stuff for a reasonable, positive self-image. We could all do to take a leaf out of her book. Check out the whole video on E!, you're guaranteed to fall even more in love! However, given her comments on her pending city hall wedding, we might have some suggestions for her, too... (E! Online)

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