Check Out McDonald’s New Kiwi Pop

Just this week, fast food companies have rolled out several, healthier options for patrons who aren't keen on the typical calorie-laden fare. Burger King introduced new fries – and we taste-tested them! — with far fewer calories than their original recipe. Now, mere days later, McDonalds answers them with the proposed addition of several, healthier sides.
And, they got a bit creative. There's a new side salad that comes in a handy, cup container. There's melon slices, but, perhaps best of all, there's a kiwi pop. Once these new sides roll out — not for at least three years for most markets — anyone buying a value meal will be able to substitute them in lieu of fries, an awesome way to reduce fat and sodium intake.
Experts say that fast food chains are having trouble courting millennials, who tend to be more health conscious and might choose a fast food option like Chipotle over BK or McDonald's. We say this is a good thing. There's no better way to encourage the food industry to change than by using your pocketbook. If our generation is truly interested in healthier foods, then fast food chains will have to adapt or die.
And, while chowing down on fast food all the time is never the healthiest option, a fun kiwi pop every now and then doesn't seem like such a bad thing. (The New York Times)
kiwipopPhoto: Via The New York Times.

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