Nicolas Cage Pillow Cases Are Real, Dangerous

nicbigPhoto: Courtesy Amazon.
People need pillows. Without them, we'd be sleeping on rocks and knobby bits of wood. Also, our faces would be much more full of bugs at night, according to pillow historians. And now, thanks to modernity and a little thing we call the Internet, we not only have a surfeit of pillows, but also the freedom to choose which celebrity's face on which to pass out each night. A-lister pillows are, in fact, a thing. And the latest offering features the handsome visage of Academy Award-winner Nicolas Cage.
In truth, these are pillow covers. (But we assume that you, like most first-worlders, have plenty of pillows to spare.) Amazon-based e-tailer Nicolas Cage Pillowcase offers eight different variations on thise Cageian theme. You can have Ghost Rider Cage, Season of the Witch Cage, even red-carpet suave Cage.
Amazon reviewers promise that these are, indeed, quality pillow cases. "It's almost as if it is his ACTUAL face," says one. "The eyes follow you," reports another. One buyer cautions, "Can be used over John Travolta pillow, but with dangerous & unpredictable results."
As for whether they keep your various face holes free from bugs? No word on that from the Nicolas Cage Pillowcase company, but we'd hope they offer at least some protection from bees. (Dangerous Minds)

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