Fallon And Lohan Are The Internet's Unexpected Dream Team

A couple of weeks ago, we made a very bold statement: Lindsay Lohan is back. Yes, again. And, though we initially cited Lohan's completely pulled-together look (and good behavior) at a Purple Magazine event as evidence, may we also present exhibit B.
Lohan teamed up with Fallon on last night's episode of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, to create Ew!, a one-off sketch in which the duo play tweens who decide if things are either "ew!" or "cute!" Among the "ew"? Rakes, anklets, and twerking. Notice the way Lohan channels her Mean Girls days. Plus, isn't a collaboration with Fallon an automatic entry into the cool celebrity circle? Welcome back, LiLo. And Fallon, we love you, but stop trying to make scrumping happen. (UpRoxx)

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