Signs You Should Ditch Your Potential Purchase

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We've all been that shopper. You know, the one tugging on the shirt, examining it from every angle, thinking the item in question could work if we lost five pounds or had a darker complexion or had the perfect skinny jeans to pair it with. But, the reality is, we maybe should be leaving it behind. A less-than-ideal frock doesn't deserve a prominent place in the wardrobe. HuffPost Style is here to help with advice for what to buy and what to skip.
Here's a maj mantra to keep in mind: You should never buy something if you've got it on and you're in front of the mirror thinking: "I'm not sure what I'd wear it with." If you can't coordinate a piece with the rest of your wardrobe, it's probably not on-point with your taste. Or, if you're only making the purchase because "it's on sale," and not something you've been dreaming of buying forever, you should probably skip it. On that note, we'll always maintain that if said sale item is going to be a closet staple, go for it.
However, if you're buying something for its longevity, sometimes it really does "just need to be tailored." After all, some of us (okay, most of us) aren't shaped like fit models, and a well-made design deserves the proper alterations for our body shape. And, guys, there are solutions to the bra issue. Yes, we agree that you should wear your standard under garments while shopping, however, if you find a dress you can't bear to part with, and it makes you feel good, there's a bra for that, trust. Click through to read more. (HuffPost Style)

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