New Zagat Survey Reveals How S.F. Chows Down

embedPhoto: Via Facebook/Delfina
With buzzy new restos opening up and firing up their grills practically on a daily basis, you might think owning a stove is a mute appliance here in S.F. But, as it turns out, us city denizens dine out less than the rest of the nation. Don’t believe us? Give that gasping a rest because Zagat’s 2014 San Francisco Bay Area Restaurant Survey supports our statement, and gives a few more surprising tidbits on how we gobble up the goods. For example: Even though we’re less likely to break bread outside our homes, when we do, we tend to pay a little over a dollar more per meal than the rest of the States. No shock there — yet, we’re more likely to tip less, too.
The survey also sheds light as to why we’re not hitting up that new burger joint across town: S.F.ers are 5% more peeved by having to find parking than the rest of the nation. And, if we have to sit around more than 30 minutes for a table, we’d rather cross out our names on the waiting list altogether. What doesn’t rub us the wrong way? Our companions snapping photos of their dish. We are the city that brought the world Instagram, after all. Can you say, “Hashtag: No biggie?”
So, what could drag us out of own kitchen? A flurry of new French and seafood spots should do the trick. According to the survey, we think we’re lacking some new spots to grab crème brulee and oysters. For the most part, however, we love wolfing down some Italian fare — anyone else craving Delfina all of a sudden?
Tell us: Does this survey describe your eating habits to a T? Spill in the comments below.

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