Dating Is Not Dead, Contrary To Popular Belief

1Photo: Courtesy of How About We
If you talked to a group of ladies in their 20s and 30s (especially in NYC), you might believe that the dating world has gone a little, well, downhill. As most of Team R29 can attest, it often feels like not only are the pools of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes shrinking, but general courting etiquette is on its way out. Thanks in part to the proliferation of services like Tinder, there's no more going out for elegant drinks or grabbing a bite to eat — instead, most dudes simply shoot a flirty text asking if you want to join his buddies for a beer.
But, on the heels of a new survey from HowAboutWe, we're learning that it's not all a lost cause. In fact, "The Relationship Report" (as the study is titled), proved that more singles are dating than ever before. Nearly half of singles (between the ages of 18 and 44) say they are dating more now than they were five years ago. Furthermore, since most Americans are delaying marriage by several years, that amounts to way more dates — and relationship experience in general.
Of course, it's not all perfect bouquets of roses. Since so many of us are meeting potential S.O.s online, we're having to put in way more effort to make the first move. Survey's indicate that after making an online connection with someone, it took a minimum of three weeks to finally get a one-on-one in person. So, while there are more fish in the sea, it might take a little bit of prodding to turn things into a relationship. Now, excuse us while we update our online profiles...

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