Siri, Unveiled! Meet The REAL Woman Behind The Voice

UPDATE: Le sigh. Turns out that Allison Dufty isn't really the voice of Siri, after all. As stated on her website, it was just a case of mistaken identity, albeit one that has been getting a lot of credibility in bloggerland right now. Thank you, trusted Facebook commenters, for pointing this out to us. It was a wonderful, beautiful moment when we could put a face to Siri's voice. A moment that we are sad to give up. Somehow, we'll survive, though our search for the real Siri will continue until the mystery is solved.
You might want to think twice before you fire off a round of expletives at your iPhone’s voice-directed personal assistant, Siri, because get this — she isn’t just a robotic, soulless entity spewing off undecipherable phrases. Nope, Siri is a real person, and her name is Allison Dufty.
Well, at least the voice behind it is. In a documentary presented by The Verge, the tech-meets-science site delves into the world of text-to-speech and unveils the woman behind the curtain…who's quickly becoming one of the most famously recognized voices of all time. It’s pretty mesmerizing to watch as Dufty (fast forward to the three-minute mark) rambles off sentences and words in various tones and speeds and spills on her professional background — it all started when she worked at a fancy restaurant and customers complimented her soothing voice. We know, it’s almost too much to take in. Take a look at the video below and prepare to have your mind blown!

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