Read, Watch, Play: Sex Addicts, Paris, & Brooklyn Rap

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It's Sunday FUNday again, which means it's time for another R29 editor to share the new books, TV, movies, and music that have her (or him!) excited for the week ahead. Today, Seija Rankin, our associate news editor, is offering up her three picks.
Now that fall is here, it's time for me to reconnect with all of my pop culture obsessions — especially books. Embarrassingly, I tend to check out a bit during the summer (let's be real, beer is a way better beach buddy than a book!), but once the weather turns cool I have no guilt whatsoever about hunkering down with a novel or an entire season of TV. When it comes to taste, I definitely skew more "mainstream," than some of my awesomely avant garde officemates, mostly because I like to feel like I've learned something about, well, anything while I'm relaxing. Indulging in a good nonfiction tome lets my Type A side simultaneously check something off my to-do list. OCD for life!
Read: Paris, A Love Story
I first took note of this book a few months ago, when Vogue ran an excerpt from Kati Marton's moving memoir. To put it bluntly, the short article left me in tears. In addition to being a kickass journalist and author herself, she also happens to be the widow of Richard Holbrooke — the venerable diplomat who died suddenly three years ago — but she was also married to the legendary Peter Jennings.
After Richard's passing, she retreated to Paris to reconnect with herself and find her place in the world in the midst of losing the love of her life. Marton first fell in love with the City of Light as a college student, and later found solace there in between Richard's many trips to the Middle East. She lets us in on her struggle to regain a sense of normalcy, and weaves fascinating tales of her own life as a foreign correspondent, and finding deep love with one of the most interesting men in the world. A definite must-read for all the Francophiles out there, the book will also leave you with your own sense of adventure renewed.
Watch: Thanks For Sharing
It might seem odd that a movie about a group of struggling sex addicts offers up a ton of laughs, but that's exactly the case with this flick. Gwyneth Paltrow and Mark Ruffalo teamed up with the writer from The Kids Are All Right to create one of the most heartwarming tales we've seen in awhile. The story follows three men in different stages of addiction, as they struggle to keep life as normal as possible. Gwynnie and Mark make just about the cutest couple ever, in that neurotic New Yorker sort of way. And, P!nk (neé Alecia Moore) makes an adorable debut into serious acting as a fellow member of their support group. We guarantee you'll never root for a group of characters more, and you'll leave the theater feeling a whole lot better about whatever your own personal brand of crazy is (because, seriously, we've all got something).
Thanks For Sharing is in theaters now.
Play: Hoodie Allen
Jay Z may be the original Brooklyn Boy, but the baby-faced Hoodie Allen is a talented rapper who also gives mad love to the better borough. I always find myself wondering what the kids are listening to these days, and, in my circle, this is it. His songs are catchy, his rhymes are funny, and you can feel (kind of) good about supporting someone who keeps it real. Hoodie is going back on tour this month, and trust when we say his is one show you won't want to miss.

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