Justin Bieber Wants To Lolly With You On The Dance Floor

Just when you had enough of twerking, along comes a new dance craze to kick it to the curb. Who do we have to thank? It's the product of Canadian pop twink Justin Bieber, of course. The mop-bucket-micturating teen appears in a new music video by R&B singer Maejor Ali called "Lolly." Bieber, decked out with lamb horn-like frosted tips and precipitously low-clearance drop crotch-jeans Swiffering the floor, performs this dance to a standard bass-heavy club beat. And it would seem that his Michael Jackson-jocking days are over.
Dance moves aside, if the song proves anything at all, it's that Bieber a total expert with the pickup lines. "You know I'm a real OG," he says. "Look down at my sneakers now, got so many features," he coos, pointing to his bright green shoes. "Gotcha girlfriend at my crib, watching Netflix," he winks. Aww, we love nesting, too.
But it's not all Bieber sweet-talking. Maejor Ali's lyrics contains several references to drugging women with ecstasy ("Molly make her lose them underwear"), which is nice. And the titular lolly, we might suggest, is representative of the male generative organ. If there's one thing that's sure to turn the ladies on, it's sexualizing children's candy and being tantalized with date rape.
Anyway, here's the video:
N.B.: Apparently Biber's dance" moves" have inspired a"craze," according the cultural tastemakers at Teen Vogue. If you want swag like the Biebs, here's a Lolly tutorial. (Teen Vogue)

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