Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Officially Call Off Their Engagement

Miley Cyrus has been busy, you guys. Twerking, riding on wrecking balls, and keeping up her ever-changing hairstyles takes up a lot of time. She's been so busy taking over the pop-culture universe, in fact, that we plum forgot she was engaged. Poor, dejected Liam Hemsworth has pretty much faded from the spotlight as of late, choosing to carry on a calm, quiet existence instead of bearing witness to TwerkFest '13. But, now, he's back in the headlines just in time for the announcement that the two aren't actually getting married after all.
According to reps from both stars, their engagement is officially off. And, it seems they've been living separately since their last public appearance in August. Neither party commented on what exactly caused the split, but we think it's fair assume it had something to do with their lives moving in completely opposite directions. Miley is busy living out all of her childhood party dreams, and Liam is deep in Hunger Games mania. We wish both of them well in their newfound singledom, but we're pretty sure they're already doing just fine. (People)
oPhoto: Via People

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