Tom Hardy Is James Bond? So Says The Internet


Daniel Craig's commanding performance helped make Skyfall the most successful Bond film in history, but the 45-year-old has just two films left on his contract. The man
hunt for his successor is well already under way, and rumors suggest they are already honing in on a target: Tom Hardy. That's right: Bane could be going Bond. From darkness into light, bad to good, and all the relevant lovable rogue puns.

A source tells the Daily Star: "Tom is right at the top of the wish list. He’s been approached to gauge his interest and he’s keen. He’s a respected actor with a great back catalogue of films but most importantly he’s the type of guy that all men want to be like and all women want to be with. He’s perfect Bond material." These are all tried-and-true facts. Last year, the British actor was even hailed "America's Sweetheart" by one publication, though that's a phrase we regard with caution. It can be a career curse, like winning Best New Artist.
Anyway, Hardy himself seems game for taking on the iconic task. "I'd love to play Bond with Chris Nolan (as a) director or something, it would be awesome," he said in a radio interview last year.
With the next Bond film not even slated before November 2015, Hardy doesn't have to jump into action any time soon, even if he is hailed the franchise's new hero. Let's just enjoy Craig while he's with us — he's even rumored to crack a few jokes in the next one. [Yahoo!]

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