How To Fake An Orgasm, Courtesy Of Olivia Munn

Losing your virginity can be empowering or scary, extremely exciting or unfortunately awkward. But, what's generally consistent is that the experience is memorable. Almost everyone you chat with about the big first time will have some charming or hilarious anecdote about young love or trying to figure out which parts went where.
John Stamos and Yahoo! are capitalizing on our collective interest in the low-down on how celebs lost their V-Card with a new show, Losing It With John Stamos. Many of your favorite celebrities — from Michael Ian black to Olivia Munn to Perez Hilton — offer candid accounts of their sexual experiences, sometimes VERY candid, if you know what we mean.
But a greater dialogue and more openness around the variety of sexual experiences — Sex can be emotional! Sex can be weird! Sex can be very, very funny! — is a good thing. Interestingly, the majority of the celebs profiled so far have been men, perhaps reflecting how we're still more accepting of men's sexuality than women's in certain situations. You can check out all 10 episodes of the new show over at Yahoo. (Yahoo)

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