Watch: Jimmy Kimmel Punks Fashion Enthusiasts

Okay, Jimmy Kimmel, you totally got us with that twerk fail video, but apparently you're the untapped genius of the Internet, because this new video is just too good. We suppose we shouldn't be surprised. After all, his initials are J.K. This past week, Kimmel sent his team to Lincoln Center to get opinions on the latest up-and-coming designers and their often-controversial runway choices. Except Kimmel completely made up the designers, and the runway images, leaving some fashion enthusiasts in a tricky test-your-knowledge situation. Check out the video and cringe as Fashion Week attendees totally embarrass themselves by pretending to know these entirely fictional people. Unless, of course, someone's aware of a new designer named Eddie Munster and Louboutin is actually coming out with something called the uniboot.

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