15 Hysterical YouTube Channels To Watch Instead Of Working

There exists a part of the internet that we like to call a black hole. You innocently click on a link someone in your network shared, and before you know it, it's 2 a.m. and your browsing history has gone from the tame to the obscure. This is okay, though. We're all guilty of it, and have found it's better to own your nightly descent into the World Wide Web than shy away from it.
With that said, there's more to laugh at than listicles and Vine roundups. YouTube has gems hidden beneath all the "Sh*t Girls Say" and "Between Two Ferns" series that truly get to the heart of pop culture. With the help of the folks over at YouTube, we've put together a list of channels that deserve every bit of your free time. According to Kevin Allocca, Head of Culture and Trends at the company, comedy is the one genre that's "constantly being reinvented on YouTube. From 'Hipster Disney Princesses' and 'Epic Rap Battles' to 'Bad Lip Reading' and homemade sketches, people from all over the world are coming up with new ways to make us laugh every day."
The channels ahead aren't your typical run-of-the-mill comedy sketches. These are the videos that force you to question how anyone has enough time to make something like these, but you're so thankful they did. We'd like to say we're sorry for sending you down a black hole, but we're not.
The Most Popular Girls In School

The genius of this now two-season series lies in its authenticity. Though the Barbies' faces never move, their blank, cheery stares somehow work with the dubbed dialogue (and create an eerily brilliant contrast between sass and sweetness). This is Mean Girls, if the girls were snarky and unreserved. MPGIS has garnered a massive cult following, and thanks to Kickstarter, will continue to debauch the high-school archetype.
Bad Lip Reading

You will never, ever watch your favorite movies, sports channels, and TV shows the same again.
VFiles Status Update

Casey Jane Ellison says all the things you want to say about the current trending topics. To put it bluntly, she gets it. The series has since gone on hiatus, since Ellison went to L.A. to do the equally as brilliant What The F*shion, but our fingers are crossed she'll return to Status Updates to review 2013.

There's a wide range of comedy going on with edbassmaster's channel, but his "Look At This" series is by far the best. It's awkward and uncomfortable in the best way possible.
Above Average

This is what happens when the writers of Saturday Night Live, the best of YouTube, and your favorite sitcom actors and actresses get together under one roof, and leave the FCC behind.
Cossby Sweater

There's a saying in musical theater that goes, "When words aren't enough, sing." Allison of Cossby Sweater thinks that can be applied to gushing over the best of entertainment. She's so right.
Barely Political

Now you'll never have to make fun of Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and Miley Cyrus, because these folks have done it for you.
The Necki Menij Show

Okay, so we might have scrapped the bottom of the Internet for this channel, but wow, is this a find. The creators have crudely drawn the pop world's current stars, dissolved their names down to the lowest level of internet culture, and spun their script through Google Translate. It takes a little bit of warming up to, but once you're in, you're in. Whoever is behind this series has nailed the personality of each celebrity, and their imagined drama is wit at its finest.

First things first, do not turn away from your screen when watching these episodes. The guys behind LaBelleofTheBall2 have seamlessly dubbed over iconic diva interviews to create a Real Housewives-type of variety show with such detail that they soundtrack their sighs. They've taken that weird dream you might have had of what celebrities talk about when hanging out with each other and bring it to life. These shows are a lesson in sass, and show the amateurs what it means to throw shade and read. Why something like this has never been done outside of the Internet is a mystery that will never be solved.

This is the original "Sh*t Girls Say," and it is Internet history gold.
The Daily Grace

Grace Helbig might have the coolest 9-to-5 job ever. She produces a new video every weekday. How one has that stamina is beyond us, but thank God she does because her commentary on what's happening in the world is spot-on.

It's like "Sh*t Girls Say" only cruder — A.K.A. YouTube gold.

Ryan Higa knows the power of comedy, but also knows it doesn't need to be super crude or offensive to be funny. He takes the everyday, writes a fancy wordplay script, and shoots some pretty great videos that are okay to LOL at alone when you're taking a break at work.
Epic Rap Battles of History

This is basically Celebrity Death Match for the Twitter-age.

The frequency at which this duo uploads their videos has slowed down, but their entire catalog is worth watching. Their wry approach to the everyday is at times eye brow raising, but always well written, perfectly delivered, and polished.

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