What Happens When You Move From NYC To L.A.

'Scuse us while we go out on a limb here, but sometimes flamboyant portrayals of industry stereotypes can be, well, funny. Case in point? VFILES new over-the-top series, What The F*shion. Yes, in this case, not only is "f*shion" a dirty word, but somehow pretty much every other thing that comes out of series-star Casey Jane Ellison's mouth demands a prompt soap scrubbing.
The drama ensues when Ellison moves from NYC to the West Coast and ditches her all-black uniform for something a bit more L.A. What happens? A series of outfits (including the meta meaning behind each) from a boho-chic disaster ("the owl and the bow are competing") to an ensemble inspired by God herself (and yes, in this case, we're referring to Jennifer Aniston). Confused? Same. Just watch the first episode below and get ready for much more ridiculousness.
Video: Courtesy of Vfiles

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