Michelle Pfeiffer Is Here To Kick Ass, Take Names

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If you want a strong, beautiful, sophisticated, and feline-like (hey, she was Catwoman for a reason) woman to catapult a film into the spotlight, there is only one actress in Hollywood for the job. Michelle Pfeiffer can smolder, but she can also be wicked; she can play coy, but she is never, ever a pushover. In fact, Pfeiffer could have coasted on being one of the most beautiful women in the world, but every time we see her on screen, her characters have an edge, a toughness that is imitable.
For her current role playing opposite Robert DeNiro in the crime comedy The Family, Pfeiffer finds herself once again playing a mobster's wife. (No one can be Married To The Mob quite like Pfeiffer, right?) This is her first time acting closely with DeNiro, and The Family is a testament to how much fun the duo had — and how great Pfeiffer is at blowing things up. More of that, please.
So, you've previously said you've wanted to kick butt in movies. Is this a new thing for you? What drew you to this kind of role?
"A lot of the time, we want to live vicariously through the characters we want to play. We spend our whole lives being told we've got to behave and not to lose our temper. There is some kind of release to be able to do that.
What about being a woman who gets to be able to kick butt?
"Well, I think that strong women are incredibly sexy. Power is sexy, whether it is from a man or a woman.
You’ve basically become a red carpet icon now. How do you keep it fresh on the carpet? How has the red carpet changed?
“Well, they boo and hiss at you sometimes which is unpleasant.”
When does that happen?!
“Sometimes if you don’t stop, and sometimes if you don’t talk. They used to not do that. As far as staying fresh, well, you have a great team putting you together. It doesn’t just happen on its own. Samantha McMillen is a fabulous stylist with a great team. My sister in-law designs, too. I’m really fortunate to be surrounded by all this talent. I’m like a blank canvas.”
The Family is out today, nationwide.

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