Forbes Teaches Us The Best Way To Buy Shoes

1Photo: Via Forbes
The shopping bug: At one time or another, we've all had it. Especially with fall in the air, it's hard to stop ourselves from constantly indulging. But, as it turns out, our footwear habit can actually be a solid investment — if you do it right. In a new Forbes article, the finance 'zine is teaching shopaholics that if you put your money into long-term purchases (read: stay away from overly trendy kicks!), there's no need to feel guilty about blowing your savings.
In fact, Forbes is even offering up advice on the best investment strategies for your shopping. First and foremost, buy blue chips (a.k.a. something with a reputation for quality and reliability). That means anything from your favorite luxe brands, or in a classic pump silhouette. You'll also want to put your money into tried-and-true trends, which this season means platforms and the everlasting fall bootie.
Lastly, Forbes preaches rebalancing your portfolio (closet) and diversifying. Comb through your existing footwear stash and find out what's missing from your wardrobe — there's no sense in shelling out for yet another pair of riding boots. And, as always, keep your eye open for pieces that can transition seamlessly from season to season. Head over to Forbes for all the expert advice, and stop questioning your constant Shopbop browsing. (Forbes)

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