Are Good Looking People Getting Poorer Health Care?

04-img-1767-crop-rPhotographed by Christy Kurtz.
Here women thought that looking good was helping them to feel good. But a disturbing new study out this week tells a very different tale — in fact attractive, well-put-together women are getting worse healthcare than their male counterparts.
A study of over 150,000 people found that physicians were missing key warning signs for heart attack and stroke in women, for the simple reason that many women looked too good. The doctors relied on their perception of the women's health to make determinations about what tests they might need — but appearances can be misleading.
The problem was that many women wore makeup, flattering clothing, and looked generally attractive, giving the impression of good health even when they were sick. In fact, women were half as likely as men to be treated for one of the leading causes of heart problems. Here's hoping ladies don't have to show up in sweatpants to get adequate health care. (Jezebel)

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