This Savvy Trick Is Going To Totally Change The Way You Braid Your Hair

You know when you braid your hair and it looks way too perfect, like your mom did it on you before you ran out the door to go to middle school? Even the most well-intentioned, most whimsical girl-in-a-wildflower-field braided updo can quickly take a turn for the pre-teen if it's too neat. Luckily, The Beauty Department has a trick that will make sure no one has to suffer from Too-Neat Braid Syndrome again.
So, what's the magical, secret insider trick? A men's barbering brush. We've always struggled with making our braids messy while still functional — you can only "gently pull it apart" so much before it actually falls apart. But, as this tutorial teaches, by brushing the braid against the grain, a truly ideal texture can be accomplished. It's genius. Head on over to TBD to get the full scoop on this trick, so that everyone's braids can achieve the cool-girl boho vibe they were meant to have. (The Beauty Department)
tbd braid link outphoto: via the beauty department.

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