Today's Giggles, Courtesy Of A Mount Vernon Reenactor

Let's get one thing straight: Slavery is not something to take lightly. But actress and writer Azie Mira Dungey is putting a humorous spin on her days as a reenactor at Mount Vernon, where she played the role of a housemaid in George Washington's historic home. And naturally, she fielded plenty of dumb questions from tourists during her tenure.
In the comedy web series, dubbed Ask a Slave, Dungey's character, Lizzie Mae, responds to real-life questions that Dungey was asked by real-life tourists. The result? A witty, one-sided dialogue that pokes plenty of fun at ignorance in general — and at oblivious tourists, specifically. (After all, isn't an oblivious tourist something every Washingtonian can relate to?) For now, there are two episodes online; watch the first below, and click here to catch up on the second. (Jezebel)

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