305 Means You Can (Literally) Dance Your Little Butt Off

You know when you've committed to a Saturday night of drinks and dancing with the girls, and after a solid hour of laying out some serious moves, you think to yourself: This has to count as a workout. Well, in perhaps the greatest news of your life, a recent fitness craze merges the energy of a nightclub dance-off with the routine of a gym visit.
305, a Miami-grown exercise class named for its local area code, offers a workout class that's basically a night of dancing, but good for you. And now that it's made a home in New York over the past few months, it's built some major buzz. Maybe it's because each class features a live DJ, or maybe it's because each session is just really, really fun.
Even though the team at 305 claims it's nearly impossible to describe exactly what happens at one of their classes, they say the experience is probably very familiar to you: "It’s like that one night in college you didn’t want to go out, but you went out anyway and ended up in some amazing basement party with so much dancing and craziness, and that one kid professed his love for you and life was just, like, amazing." Yeah, we'll take one of those nights any day of the week. Plus, with 305's promise to "make sweat sexy," how can we say no?

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