Watch SISU’s Cerebral Music Video For “Harpoons” Exclusively On R29

Not since the Yeah Yeah Yeahs has a female rocker come along to parallel the independent and fiercely styled Karen O; the singer's perfect blend of glam-rock vocals and pure theatrics put her in a league of her own. That is, until Sandy Vu of the Dum Dum Girls branched away from said group and began her solo venture as SISU.
"Harpoons" is the first single off Vu's debut album BloodTears, dropping September 17. It's a departure from the mellow jams of the Dum Dum Girls and towards a more macabre, electronic atmosphere that's haunting without being standoffish, with the music video being a cerebral trip down the rabbit hole that leaves you dazed and floating. The world SISU's created for us is saturated in ink and hypnotic melodies. At the end of the three minutes, as the guitar fades and synths blink out, you're left suspended in that odd post-dream haze that most would consider a hangover. (The SISU hangover, however, is one we wouldn't mind waking up to on any morning.

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