Genius: Tiny (Chic!) Furniture For Manhattan Apartments

itsy-2Photo: Courtesy of Itsy Bitsy Ritzy Shop.
Though your Ikea furniture investments were a big step in your adult life, nothing is so monumentally grown-up as your first Manhattan apartment. Except, upon walking into your bedroom/living room/kitchen with a bathroom attached, you realize that your Swedish-made wares may be a little too large for your digs. Understanding this is common (first-world) problem, Itsy Bitsy Ritzy Shop was born.
More specifically, the brand's Manhattan Collection is designed precisely for a 216-square-foot room. What exactly does that fit? If you must know — a vanity desk, a storage seat, a dresser, a sofa bed, a round ottoman, a headboard, underbed drawers, two nightstands, four table lamps, two end tables, a storage banquette, a pigalle table set and chairs, and an accessory pillow set. Phew. Bet you never thought you could fit all that in your crib. Plus, if your space is a bit more generous — lucky you — there are plenty of extras on-hand, like waste bins, towels, and other genius apartment peripherals.
The collection is undoubtedly gorgeous, and as you may have predicted, also a bit expensive (many items are in the $1,000 range). But, if you happen to find a really cheap studio, you can certainly make the splurge to make your place more home — and less dorm.

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