Meet The Adorable Couple That Fell In Love On Instagram

It’s common knowledge that when you double-tap a photo on Instagram, a little heart pops onto your screen — but, who would guess that one could find those fluttery feelings in real life via the popular pic-sharing app? That’s what happened to Robin Coe and Mathew Fleming who started following each other in 2011 — and fast-forward to 2013 — now call each other husband and wife. Talk about online dating done right!
The love story began when Mathew was feeling homesick, particularly missing the holiday traditions he’d known back home, just like the Northern-style, snow-covered white Christmas that Robin was documenting and sharing on her feed. Eventually, the couple upgraded from liking each other's photos, to simply liking each other, IRL.
Now, you’re going to want to break out the Kleenex, because these techie lovebirds let the cameras roll to depict their blossoming romance (and nuptials!) in this oh-so-sweet video. Watch all the lovey-dovey-ness unfold below. And, who knows, maybe that new follower that’s been casually liking your snaps will be the one you bring home to momma!

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