8 Weirdly Awesome Michael Jackson Fan Tributes

mjPhoto: Courtesy of Epic Records.
Since he tragically passed away in 2009, Michael Jackson has received quite a few official tributes. In fact, his legend is such that he was the subject of tributes and ceremonies even while he was still alive. But the best part about his music is the massive fan cult, the accessibility of his infectious tunes that touched the lives of so, so many.
From flash mobs to amateur moonwalking and an endless supply of "Thriller" attempts, the King of Pop will live on most vibrantly in his dedicated fans. And honestly, it's that amateur aspect that really communicates the massive love we all have for MJ. That's why we decided, on his birthday, to skip the fireworks and big-budget shows to bring you the best grassroots tributes. And, maybe, if you're like us, this will inspire you to get out that dusty, old flip video and make some videos of your own — #fails be damned.
This 65-year-old Chinese woman had our hearts the minute she started to dance. A true super-fan.
Every childhood has that moment when you think you are just an awesome performer, and you spend hours perfecting the routine with your friends in your basement. And who knows...maybe you actually were that awesome! If you don't have video proof otherwise, you might as well give yourself the benefit of the doubt.
And speaking of awesome, this kid definitely has it. He's even younger than MJ himself was when the Jackson 5 started out, but a total pro.
Because you know you secretly love this movie.
The best kind of fail is a fail that actually results from an uncannily perfect ability to moonwalk.
Nothing says Michael Jackson more than a bunch of medieval nerds getting their virtual reality on.
Actually, we take that back. Nothing — really, nothing — says Michael Jackson like this walrus' lust for life.
Although, to be fair, Snowball here is really giving the walrus a run for its money.

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