Stella McCartney & Gwyneth Paltrow Team Up For A GOOP Collab

Okay, it's not that we're getting down on GOOP, but sometimes it's hard to take ol' Gwynnie seriously on the site. We're all for being a better version of ourselves, but $1,000 shot glasses and dairy-free diets are just not things we can easily get behind. Even her own husband gets a headache trying to adhere to GOOP's steadfast rules on outlawing nightshade vegetables day in and day out. So, when we got wind of her newest collaboration, we were pleasantly surprised — to say the least.
Paltrow will be teaming up with her stylish pal Stella McCartney for a still-undisclosed project, launching this September. The announcement was made on the GOOP site, with nary a detail beyond the "Stella McCartney X GOOP Launching September 13" sign. Since we know Gwyneth is full of secrets (is that what makes her hair so shiny?), we're pretty sure she'll keep mum on the collab until the big day. That said, we can still fantasize about what the two A-listers will create — conflict-free sports bras? An all-kale skincare line? The possibilities are endless. (Telegraph)
oPhoto: Via Telegraph

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