R29 Exclusive! The 1975 Is One Band To Know NOW

The1975_PressShotPhoto: Courtesy of Vagrant Records/Interscope.
In a music scene that's so overly saturated with candy colors and formulaic builds and drops, it's refreshing to know there are still artists out there creating genuine rock tunes. You know, songs that harp back to the root of music making: the collective jam session.

Cue The 1975, the U.K's latest export answering the question: Where have all the good bands gone? Their four EPs (
Music For Cars, Facedown, and IV) get right down to the pains and triumphs of spent youth. Each track they've released has a veiled sense of adulthood, but at the end of the day, each of The 1975's four band members are still reluctantly searching for a sense of self. It makes for a blissful music experience that deserves every bit of your attention. Thankfully, someone at Vagrant Records and Interscope felt the same, and their self-titled debut album drops September 3rd.

Before all of that, though, the boys stopped by the Myspace Log Cabin, and we've got an exclusive peek at their jam session below.
You know that moment when you discover a band that's just so — oh, what's the word — authentic? Your feet tap, your head bops, and that lightness of being all those intellectuals are always talking about seems tangible? Yeah, you can thank The 1975 for the breath of fresh air.
Do yourself a favor and pre-order the album here.

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