This Video Makes Us Love Olivia Wilde Even More

So, we already know that Olivia Wilde is way smarter than she lets on most of the time, but we've also discovered she is a total weirdo — in the best way possible. In Soul Pancake's latest edition of the video series Metaphysical Milkshake, the actress teams up with Rainn Wilson to answer all kinds of questions, and show off her awkwardly hilarious dance moves. Seriously, we didn't know that someone so gorgeous could dance so oddly, and we can't get enough.
Wilson and Wilde made for one hilarious duo, and Dwight's alter ego managed to talk Olivia into dishing out some fascinating personal facts. She waxes poetic on everything from her former days as a traveling gypsy (not really, but she did live in a bus for a while), to her love for Jason Sudeikis and her passion for lending a helping hand. Not only is she adorably goofy for the entire interview, but she also makes some seriously inspiring points about social consciousness and female equality. Watch below to fall in love with Wilde all over again, and find out how she manages to achieve the impossible and actually weird out Rainn Wilson. (Youtube)

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