One Direction Isn't Performing At The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show After All

It's only Tuesday, but the boys of One Direction are already having the best week, ever. In under 24 hours, they've won a VMA and had Lady Gaga defend them — plus, their movie opens this Friday. What more could they want, by way of buzz? Well, a rumor that 1D will be performing at this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show certainly doesn't hurt.
But it turns out, that was in fact just a rumor. It looks like Vicky's secret Directioner side will remain locked in her 1D diary for another year. A rep for the brand issued a statement today saying: "The recent reports regarding One Direction appearing in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show are untrue. The band is not performing in this year’s show. We will announce our artists in early October." Bummed? Relieved? Let us know. And hey, the band is releasing its first fragrance this fall (to a sold out pre-order no less), so you can still get our One Direction fix on the daily, should you need it. (Huffington Post)
Photo: Courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment.

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