Lindsay Lohan Does Game Night With The Huffingtons

The jury's still out on whether LiLo's going to stick to all the promises she made to Oprah, but we've got high hopes this time around. Call us naive, but we've loved the talented starlet since her early days, and we want only the best for her. Luckily, it seems she's saddled up to some seriously good influences — at least judging by Instagram.
Christina Huffington (a.k.a. daughter of media mogul Arianna) posted this pic of Lindsay and her mother indulging in a wholesome family game night. Sure, it's only a picture, but it's already far healthier than most of LiLo's typical Friday nights. And, it should be mentioned, Christina herself is in the midst of her own recovery (as detailed in Glamour's September issue). Here's hoping the two talented ladies are banding together to stay healthy and happy — and that this isn't the end of Huffington/Lohan 'grams. Until then, we're going to marvel at the meeting of the minds that must have taken place in the Huffington living room.

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