First Look At Jena Malone In Catching Fire

jenamalonePhoto: Courtesy of Lionsgate.
We're already pretty obsessed with the entire cast of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and the addition of Jena Malone has only made our obsession worse. She recently told us all about the head-to-toe makeover she received for the part, and now, you can get a look at it in this latest issue of the headcanon publication Capitol Couture. Malone is stunning as Johanna Mason, a former District 7 champion and a newly introduced character in this chapter of the franchise.
Malone has had our attention since she played a young Jodie Foster in Contact, and we've really loved her since she starred in Saved!. She's so earnest and nice off-camera, we normally think of her as a total sweetheart, but she's clearly working the haughty, daring, Hans Solo-esque persona of Mason. The character is notorious for owning the room and making those around her feel seriously awkward, as demonstrated by her stark-naked first appearance in the books. Whether or not she'll be re-enacting that scene on screen, we'll just have to wait and see.
Check out the full story — a perfect imitation of the classically sweeping glossy-mag celebrity profile — here.

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