Cheers! Derek Lam Making Wine

,aiPhoto: Via WWD
Between forging ahead with his footwear collection, helming 10 Crosby, and prepping for fashion week — Derek Lam is seemingly unstoppable these days. And, just when he’s garnered oodles of praise for one project, he’s on to the next.
According to WWD, the designer is crushing it yet again — and we mean that quite literally. Lam is tapping Napa Valley’s Cliff Lede Vineyards and whipping up a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon that we can’t wait to fill our glasses with. It’s not uncommon to see folks eventually try their hand at wine (who remembers E-40 and Drew Barrymore’s vinos?), but we’re especially excited about Lam’s foray into it. Fashion with a side of booze? Don't mind if we do. The styley wine will be out this October — we’ll cheers to that.