JTT Is As Cute As Ever. Zachery Ty Bryan, However...

We have loved Jonathan Taylor Thomas since we had the ability to hold our heads upright. JTT is more classic '90s than the mini backpack, and with the era's comeback in full swing, it's good to see him popping up every now and then. Last night, JTT made a stop at the Dark Tourist premiere in L.A., where he met up with his former onscreen older brother, Zachery Ty Bryan.
We're pretty thrilled with any cast-reunion picture, especially when it features a timeless childhood crush. However, it has to be said that one of these things is not like the other. Hey, we're not as cute as we were in 1997 either! Thomas is clearly using some kind of anti-aging voodoo and a fair amount of hair product. He grew up into a heartthrob, whereas Bryan grew up into...a guy. Still, you'll always have a good five inches on JTT, Zach. High-five. (Popsugar)
jttImage: via Popsugar

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