Facebook Likes Are M.A.S.H. For The Internet Age

Your mindless liking of cat videos, vacation photos, and the occasional lol-worthy status update says a lot more about you than you think. Using the myPersonality app, Cambridge University researchers had 58,000 volunteers like given topics to conduct psychometric tests. The results were combined to create algorithms that act as a kind of personality map for users.
The findings were surprisingly accurate in decoding a user's sex and race — they even managed to pinpoint male users' sexual orientations with 88 percent accuracy. Inaccuracy occurred when determining a relationship status (though, apparently single people have a thing for Hunger Games?) And, good news if you like Morgan Freeman: The tests revealed more people with high IQs prefer the sound of his voice. Dissatisfied people prefer Kickass to Pride and Prejudice, and competitive people enjoy Prada and hating everyone (tell us something we don't know). Some of the indicative results are a little out there, but they're a hoot to play along with. Consider this M.A.S.H. for the Internet Age. (Wishpond)
FacebookLikesReveal1.4.1Photo: Courtesy of Wishpond.

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