Kiernan Shipka Joins Flowers In The Attic On Lifetime

sallyEMBEdPhoto: Courtesy of AMC.
We've got lots of love for Sally Draper — and the actress who brings her to life, Kiernan Shipka. At only 13 years old, she's managed to portray all the pangs of growing up in an age where girlhood and femininity were changing, fast. So, naturally, we've been wondering what she'll take on next outside the world of Mad Men. But we have to admit, her next project is a tad shocking.
The star is set for a role in a Lifetime movie adaptation of Flowers in the Attic, the cult-classic YA novel that brought naughtiness into the lives of so many young girls who managed to sneak it past their mothers. For those whose parents regularly checked under their mattresses, it's a tale of four children raised in a locked attic by a hyper-religious grandmother. The naughtiness comes in when brother-and-sister pair Cathy and Chris carry on an incestuous relationship, for lack of any other option. Shipka will play Cathy's role alongside Mason Dye.
This is obviously a story with some very heavy moral content (not your typical Lifetime fare). There probably won't be anything too graphic, but some are still concerned over the choice of such a young actress for the role — and it's true that these types of parts are often played by older stars with young features and a good makeup artist. We do think, though, that if any tween could take this on maturely and thoughtfully, it's Shipka. (The Wrap)

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