16 Reasons To Indulge In Summer Tomatoes Tonight

tom-slidePhotos: Courtesy of The Washington Post.
While the end of summer always makes us a little sad, there is one highlight to look forward to these days: the bountiful crop of irresistible, ripe, and juicy tomatoes arriving at farmers' markets — and maybe even your own backyard. To that end, the Post has wrapped up its annual Top Tomato recipe contest, and we've already scoured the results and found some must-try recipes. Seriously — these 16 finalist concoctions will make you think twice about your plans for ordering takeout tonight. With everything from healthy salads and Bloody Marys to indulgent chili lobster risotto, there's something here for every sort of foodie. First on our list? The heirloom Caprese salad and the tomato ramen...we're hungry already. (The Washington Post)

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