Lady Gaga And Cher's New Song Leaked, Commence Twirling

cher2Photo: Courtesy of MTV.
The fact that the whole world didn't erupt into a pile of glitter the moment Lady Gaga and Cher decided to collaborate is mind-boggling. Regardless, their duet has surfaced online and it's pretty, well, fabulous. Not fabulous in a diva kind of way, but fabulous in the sense that two pop icons have mated and given birth to a unicorn.
The new track isn't so new, however. Lady Gaga wrote a demo version of "The Greatest Thing" way back in 2007 before "Just Dance," right around the time the hair bow entered our pop culture vernacular. It was only after Cher presented Gaga with the 2010 VMA for Best Video of The Year that rumors of a potential collaboration started swirling. The sonic proof is here, but it's apparently the wrong version.
Though Cher isn't exactly thrilled with the leak, our ears are certainly happy...and they will be even happier when we hear the right song!

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