We Can't Stop Staring At Lily Collins's Manicure

1Photo: MediaPunch Inc/Rex USA
We have to admit, we've been slacking a bit on our nail art game lately. (It's summer, and we just can't stop getting bright white manis.) But, we're ready to get back into something a little more exciting, and our girl crush du jour, Lily Collins, has given us some awesome inspiration.
The young actress hit up Good Morning America to promote her new flick The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, and while her white-and-black frock was so on point, her fingers were what garnered all our attention. We just couldn't turn away the second we got a glimpse of her bad-ass mani. The long tips, the metallic edges, the innocently pink hue — it's all working. We're not exactly sure what to dub this design (The new French tip? Grown-up metallics?), but we do know that we're hitting up the nail salon the second we clock out to try this mani on for size. Lily Collins, consider yourself initiated into the nail art hall of fame. Welcome — and congrats.

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