Food52's Got Your (Very Pretty) Kitchen On Lockdown

Have you ever stepped into someone's kitchen, looked around and thought, "Where do you even get all this cool stuff?" On more than one occasion, we've been in the presence of some no-nonsense cooking provisions that were among the prettiest things we'd ever seen, and all of them seemed so darn useful. Knowing full well that a collection of culinary bits and pieces does not a kitchen make, Food52 has launched Provisions, which combines the site's award-winning content with the shoppable products that are guaranteed to make you a happier, better cook. Featuring recipes, products, and most importantly, how-tos, Provisions can get your kitchen sorted and looking gorgeous.
To celebrate the launch of their new site, Food52 is offering $10 off a purchase of $50 or more. This is especially good news, since we've already got our eyes on half their inventory. Click through to see a sample of the awesome products we're talking about. Seriously, we're about to Pin everything we see.

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