Wine O’Clock Isn’t At 6 PM, After All?

We have forever thought that 6 p.m. was the ideal time for kicking back with a large glass of Shiraz after a hard working day, but apparently we were wrong. News alert: It’s 6:55 p.m. — on Wednesday. So...Monday and Tuesday night tipples are a no-no?
That's right. Defining “wine o’clock” more accurately than ever before, recent research on drinking habits reaveals that 76% of us prefer to drink wine at home (duh, that’s ‘cos it’s a third of the price), and that Wednesday is the day we’re most likely to pop the cork.
Whether you see it as only halfway through the week, or more positively as halfway to the weekend, it seems women's good intentions cave into a glass (just one?) of vino at 7:07 pm on Humpday, whilst men give in earlier, at 6:40 p.m. It also seems that 52% of us justify said drink with their meal but more than a third of us are just enjoying it as a midweek treat (before we finish the bottle on Thursday). Oh wait, you didn't hear that from us. (Daily Mail)

Photo: Via Daily Mail.


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