Wellness Videos You’ll Actually Want To Watch

tara styles embedPhoto: Courtesy of Mind Body Green.
Sometimes the hardest part about being healthy is finding the motivation to get our sedentary selves out of the apartment and to the gym, yoga studio, farmer's market, or whatever other beacon of wellness is calling our name. So, we were beyond thrilled to discover that the super-rad wellness blog Mind Body Green has introduced a video series starring celebrity wellness gurus like Tara Stiles, who was named the "Coolest Yoga Instructor Ever" by Vanity Fair. Not too shabby of a title.
We're pretty sure these video courses are going to solve all of our fitness qualms. While it's not free, it's about the same price as one month of a gym membership — only instead of having to lift weights in a room full of grunting, sweaty strangers, one gets private training sessions with the best of the best instructors in the world. Plus, it's not just fitness. It's guides to meditation, plant-based nutrition, and more — creating a completely holistic approach to health. Basically, it's the stuff of our get-healthy dreams.
Accompanying the video courses are previews, testimonials, and discussions; so it's not like you're going into it blind. No matter what your level of fitness expertise, or lack thereof (hi! that's us), there's a course that will work perfectly with your weekend pajama-time schedule. And, while you're at it, check out the rest of Mind Body Green. We're obsessed with their practical wellness and nutrition tips, and will definitely be keeping our eye on what they come up with next.

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